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Top 5 Things to do Before Traveling During COVID-19

It’s no secret that we are living in weird, unprecedented times right now. While traveling might not be at the top of some people’s list, it is necessary for others and some just want to escape for the weekend and be safe and healthy while doing so. If you are looking for a weekend trip to get you away from your everyday life, Visit WilCo has a “COVID-19 Travel Check List” to keep you safe and healthy while traveling.


  1. Before you book a flight, hotel, or buy tickets to attractions, always check your local travel restrictions. You might have travel restrictions that don’t allow you to travel to certain places. Check and see if you have to supply anyone or anywhere with a negative COVID test or if there is a quarantine requirement once you return home.
  2. Always check your hotel’s sanitizing protocol. These protocols should be listed on their website when booking, or you can call their front desk and ask or their protocols.
  3. Plan your travel schedule and itinerary. With so many places having COVID-19 protocols in place, it is important to do your research beforehand. While being spontaneous can be fun, it’s not fun to show up to a museum and find out that you have to buy a ticket beforehand or that they are already at capacity for the day. Knowing restaurants’ protocols are also important before showing up to eat so you know if they have indoor dining, mask requirements, outdoor dining only, etc. *WilCo tip: One of Lebanon’s newest restaurants, Sassy Pecan has outdoor seating, and the food is to die for (homemade confections with toffee in every bite)!
  4. Don’t leave without masks, hand sanitizer, and cleaning products.
  5. Finally, enjoy yourself! Traveling might look different, but you can still have fun while following COVID-19 protocols.


WilCo cannot wait to see you in our beautiful county, and we want you to stay safe while doing so!

If you need help planning your trip, click here to browse through our 2021 Visitor’s Guide.

We have so many things to do in WilCo, whether it is an event at the Farm Bureau Expo Center, a pizza from Town Square Social, or a trip to any of our #PaintWilCo murals, you won’t ever get bored while you’re in town. Make sure to tag us in your pictures @VisitWilCo so we can see all of your excursions and fun while in WilCo!

THANK YOU to our Veterans

Yesterday I had the honor as the CVB Director and a member of the Wilson County Murals Committee, to be part of the unveiling of our newest mural in our #PaintWilco murals project. With the perfect location donated by Lisa and Darryl Noble and the brilliant artistry of Brad VanHook, the Veterans Mural now looks over the Veterans Plaza (Wilson County Veteran’s Service Office) as a symbol of our ever-grateful hearts to our Veterans.
Yesterday I had a much bigger honor than unveiling the mural. Yesterday I had the honor of meeting and talking with so many of Wilson County’s Veterans. Men and women that have sacrificed so much for our country. My wife and twin boys were there, and I gentleman who actually thanked us for bringing them. This man that probably went through things I cannot imagine was thanking US!?! Selfless hearts are a thing many of us are guilty of being short on, but this was not the case for the men and women I spoke with yesterday.
So again, I say to our Veterans, Thank You. Thank you for being the inspiration for this mural. Thank you for being an inspiration through your acts. Thank you for being the life blood that made the Veterans Museum happen and continue to happen. Thank you from my boys that thought the helicopter in the museum was the coolest thing they’ve ever seen. Personally, thank you for the reminder. We get caught up in ourselves and sometimes just see “the old guy in the Veterans cap” or give no more than a passing thought to a Field of Flags, but we all need to be reminded that each cap tells a story. Each flag in that field tells a story. We need to take the time to hear those stories and appreciate them.
Last night at dinner, as we talked about the people we met, my wife, Kristy, said “Today was good for the soul.” I could not have put any better words together.
Statement from: Jason Johnson, Wilson County Director of Tourism
Photo Credits: Wilson County Mayor’s Office, Lebanon Police Department, and Visit WilCo

Breeden’s Orchard

Maintaining a sense of normalcy in a time that is so full of uncertainty can be hard. Breeden’s Orchard in Mt. Juliet is trying to keep as much “normal” in the world as they can. Starting March 31, 2020, they will be open Tuesdays 9-1, Thursdays noon-4, and Saturdays 9-1 to offer locally grown and sourced produce and products.

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Go with the Flow!

Hospitality-the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.

It’s been my profession for over 20 years.  It’s what my wife and I do at home all the time.  We are “that house” in the neighborhood, the migration to our backyard and patio is a natural, frequent occurrence and we love it!  Welcoming people, inviting friends, and creating moments is what we do in our home all the time and I feel extremely lucky that I am now doing that on the grander scale of my “home”, Wilson County.

Hi, Jason Johnson here, and along with my wife, Kristy, and our twin boys, Aiden and Elijah, let me say that I am beyond happy to take the position of Tourism Director for the Wilson County Convention and Visitors Bureau.  I have called Wilson County home for nearly 15 years.  I’ve done and seen a lot in Wilson County, but the more I look and learn, the more I realize there is a whole lot more that I HAVEN’T done in Wilson County.  We are loaded with things to see, places to eat, and shops to visit!

We are obviously in a strange time for tourism (and many other things), but the horizon on the other side of this is bright and filled with possibilities for Wilson County.  I can’t wait for you all to experience (or re-experience) the hospitality of Wilson County!  Until then, check out our website, send us an email at, or give us a call at 615-547-6438 and start planning!



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